Roman Masks

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Dear Team Kestrel,

The team also created dramatic Roman masks which were in the style of those that would have been used by actors in Roman amphitheatres.

The facial expressions are often accentuated and made obvious so that those who were sat far away could make out the emotion conveyed by the actor. They also did the job of amplifying the voice so they could be heard. Traditionally the white masks portrayed women, and brown masks portrayed men. However, our female masks portray a pink hue due to the colour of the paint used.

To create them, we studied examples of masks already created by completing some internet research, then we created our own design by trying to really show off one clear emotion. We then cut out the design with card and layered the contours of the face by using smaller bits of card stuck on top of each other. Finally, we added Modroc (a kind of plaster bandage) to the mask to make them rigid and hard. We then painted these.

All artefacts from our topic, including the masks, can be seen on the first Wednesday afternoon back after we start term. It will be a low key affair as we’ve only had 6 weeks of topic under our belts, but will be a good opportunity to see all the exhibits together as a class set. They can then be taken home.

The film trailers are taking a while to convert and fit on the blog, so these will be uploaded later this week/early next week. I also don’t want to ruin any surprise for anyone who wants to watch any at the gallery…

As always, thanks for your continued support,

Mr. W

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