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Dear Team Kestrel,

Recently, children used the following short film ‘Gloam’ by David Elwell and Gareth Hughes (see below) to write a descriptive piece of writing about the wonderful creature inside the film.

Children were extremely creative, passionate and meticulous with their writing and have produced some of the best work I’ve seen from this class so far this year.

All of our writing has an audience and a purpose for doing it, and this piece was no different. Children turned their compositions into fantastic virtual stories using stills from the film, some images of their final published piece of writing and a fantastic performing voice!

Please see below and have a listen to them. If you think they’re pretty good, feel free to leave a comment below, and I’ll be sure to read them out in class to provide some pats on the back and motivation.

Nice work everyone!

As always, thanks for your continued support,

Mr. W

3 Responses to “Gloam Virtual Stories”

  1. Jill Scarborough Says:

    Well done Kestrel Class for such amazing descriptive writing. You really brought the creature to life and your vocal performances are truly award winning!

    Mrs S.

  2. Sheila Bowen Says:

    Fantastic work Kestrel class! I really enjoyed listening to your stories and you used truly amazing description and expression, creating an atmosphere full of suspense, fear and wonder.
    Sheila Bowen (Arlo,s mum!)

  3. Gareth Hughes Says:

    A stunning collection of stories which would no doubt improve the film, or perhaps become a Gloam 2?

    Nothing motivates me more than seeing my work insipire the next generation of writers and directors.

    Great work Kestrel Class. You talented bunch!

    – Gareth Hughes, Writer & Director of Gloam

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