The Dragon’s Lair at the Bishop’s Palace

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Dear Team Kestrel,

On Monday, we went on our first school trip to the Bishop’s Palace in Wells to complete a quest as ‘Tracker Wizards’ and find the Dragon’s Lair. Dumbledore informed us that a dragon was creating havoc in a nearby town, and that we were the only wizards who could complete the quest and stop it. Thankfully, for everyone’s sake, we succeeded!

This has provided with us with lots of inspiration to write our own mini quest stories which will all be available to view soon.

We also had chance to explore the inside of the Bishop’s home, try on some clothes, create a stain glass window in teams, and we also had chance to quickly walk around the cathedral before we boarded the bus for home.

A great day was had by all (especially me!) and the children were enthused and imaginative from the first moment we arrived.

Please see below for some photos of the day,

As always, thanks for your continued support,

Mr. W


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